Amarna's ranking system takes into account multiple dimensions, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of players' achievements and capabilities. Three primary factors contribute to the ranking structure: Amarna level, Character Level Ranking, and Battle Strength.

Amarna Level Ranking

Players will be ranked based on their Amarna level, reflecting their overall progression and experience within the game. This overarching metric considers a player's cumulative accomplishments, providing a holistic view of their journey in Amarna.

Character Level Ranking

In addition to the general Amarna level, the Character Level Ranking offers a specialized assessment. This ranking focuses on specific character builds, recognizing players who excel in mastering and optimizing their chosen characters. Diverse character builds contribute to a vibrant and competitive ecosystem within Amarna.

Battle Strength Ranking

The Battle Strength Ranking emphasizes the significance of gear level in a player's overall effectiveness. Players with powerful gear configurations will be acknowledged and ranked based on their Battle Strength, adding a strategic layer to the competition.

Top Racing Events and Prize-Winning Separation

To celebrate and reward excellence, Amarna will host top racing events that consider Amarna level, Character Level Ranking, and Battle Strength. These events will showcase the prowess of players across various dimensions, creating a dynamic and engaging competition.

Furthermore, Amarna will organize separate events, each offering enticing prizes to participants. These events will cater to different aspects of gameplay, providing players with diverse opportunities to showcase their skills and claim valuable rewards.

Get ready to ascend the ranks and compete in thrilling events that highlight your progress, character mastery, and battle prowess within the Amarna universe.

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