Vision & Mission

HODI was established in 2021 with four core team member. We are so happy to create games that contribute to the joy of people all over the world.
We can discover the hidden abilities at games of people that in real life is limited or impossible to do. (It is imagination in adventure games, quick thinking and handling in strategy games, interaction and teamwork in online games, etc.) The rising of blockchain technology helps the development of the games to a new level. Decentralization of the blockchain structure helps security, transparency, freedom, blockchain can help traditional games do things that were not possible before. ‌
When we decided to develop the Amarna Battle Royale game with based blockchain, we were believe that is the future, and we strongly believe that 10 years from now.
We target that create a epic battle royale game that connects crypto owners with gamers.
To do this, Amarna must do that gameplay must be epic story and entertaining, keeping players interested in participating in the game every day for many years.
Amarna's target is not just to be a game but a platform game that connects crypto owners with gamers and streamers. With the influence of social media (Twitch, instagram, youtube etc.) Amarna will easily spread to young people and all other age ranges.
Amarna providing support that blockchain-based platform to make it transparent and convenient. Crypto owners can be a player, and they can also be someone who works with the players to create the perfect team, thereby creating an outperforming winning team.
It is our mission to build a sustainable ecosystem by keeping this structure standing for many years with enjoyable way for everyone.