Vision & Mission

HODI was founded in 2021 by a core team of four members, united in the goal of creating games that bring joy to people worldwide. Our mission goes beyond entertainment; it aims to unlock hidden abilities within individuals that may be limited or impossible to express in real life. Whether through imaginative adventures, quick strategic thinking, or collaborative teamwork in online games, we believe in harnessing the power of gaming to reveal unique capabilities.

The advent of blockchain technology has propelled game development to new heights. The decentralization inherent in blockchain structures enhances security, transparency, and freedom. It allows traditional games to achieve feats previously deemed impossible. When we embarked on developing Amarna Battle Royale as a blockchain-based game, we envisioned it as the future, a belief that resonates strongly with us even a decade from now.

Our vision is to create an epic battle royale game that seamlessly connects crypto owners with gamers. To achieve this, Amarna recognizes the necessity of crafting a gameplay experience that combines an epic narrative with entertainment, captivating players and keeping them engaged for years.

Amarna aspires to be more than just a game; it aims to be a platform that bridges the gap between crypto owners, gamers, and streamers. Leveraging the influence of social media platforms such as Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube, Amarna seeks to reach a diverse audience, spanning different age groups.

In supporting this vision, Amarna provides a blockchain-based platform that ensures transparency and convenience. Crypto owners can actively participate as players or collaborate with others to build high-performing teams, contributing to the creation of outstanding winning strategies.

Our mission is to establish a sustainable ecosystem, standing strong for years to come, and offering an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. We are committed to nurturing a gaming environment that transcends entertainment, unlocking potential, and fostering meaningful connections in the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain-based gaming.

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