Amarna is a blockchain-based Play to Earn game that runs on the BNB Chain, which has its own BEP-20 token, $AMAR, for the whole internal economy.
The biggest reason why Amarna is the safest Play to Earn NFT game is that its economy is the first of its kind, created and all possible scenarios have been fictionalized by its professional team.
Stabilizing the value of the in-game generated token is crucial for the survival of Play to Earn NFT games. In this way, players and investors are protected from possible scenarios such as excessive increase or decrease in the value of the token, and a peaceful earning environment is provided.
The number of players who will enter the game will be limited (20000 players for first 3 months) in order to ensure that the amount of tokens which will be created by in-game players, entering the market will not decrease the token value.
The amount of players that can enter the game will be determined by the circulating supply of the token. In this way, the occurrence of hyperinflation, excessive increase or decrease in the value of the token will be prevented.
Some of the tokens produced in the game will be burned directly. The aim here is to protect the earnings of players and investors. The token burning mechanisms of Amarna have been determined and prepared for each economic scenario, taking into account the precedent games. The decision to integrate these mechanisms into the game will be determined according to the circulating supply of the token in the market.
According to the simulations made by Amarna's professional team, even if all the tokens go into circulation - worst case scenario - the token value does not fall below the Privite Sale value.
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