Amarna is a blockchain-based Play and Earn game that uses $AMAR, for the whole internal economy.

Amarna stands out as a Play and Earn NFT game, build to become safe haven for players and investors due to its robust economic framework. Crafted meticulously by our professional team, Amarna's economy has undergone rigorous simulations of various scenarios, ensuring resilience against potential pitfalls.

The cornerstone of our strategy lies in the stabilization of the in-game token's value, a critical factor for the sustainability of Play and Earn NFT games. By mitigating the risk of extreme token value fluctuations, Amarna fosters a serene environment for both players and investors, promoting a stable and rewarding ecosystem.

Tokenomics within Amarna eliminate the need for token distribution in "Play to Earn", paving the way for a streamlined and efficient ecosystem.

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