In Amarna, tokens can be acquired through engaging Player vs. Player (PvP) game modes, without relying on token generation. The game features two distinct PvP modes, each offering players the opportunity to earn tokens through skillful gameplay:

  1. Team Deathmatch: This mode brings teams of three players each into a round-based competition. The primary objective is to defeat more enemy members than the opposing team before the round timer expires. The intense battles take place in specially designed arenas, offering a strategic and dynamic gameplay experience.

  2. Free Killing: In this mode, there are no squads or teammates; it's every player for themselves against everyone else who has infiltrated Amarna. The unforgiving Free Killing mode tests individual skills and survival instincts in a chaotic and unpredictable environment.

Reward Pool System

Both Team Deathmatch and Free Killing game modes adopt a reward pool system.

Players enter matches by paying with AMAR tokens, and these tokens are then accumulated in a reward pool. After each match, the tokens collected in the reward pool are distributed among the winning players.

This token earn mechanism creates a dynamic and competitive environment, encouraging players to showcase their skills in PvP battles while providing a rewarding system that reflects individual and team achievements. As players engage in thrilling PvP encounters, they not only experience the adrenaline of combat but also have the opportunity to earn valuable tokens for their efforts.

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