HODI Games

HODI Holding Game & App Factory LLC.
At HODI Games, we create new worlds for everyone. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of our players by developing high-quality games that resonate with all kinds of personalities, bring people together, and allow everyone to learn and grow while having fun.
Our ambition is to build a leading NFT ecosystem in the blockchain space that delivers sustainable values to our users and investors.
The team has years of experience creating high-class games with stunning visuals and addictive gameplay. HODI Games is working to enrich players' lives by creating memorable and meaningful gaming experiences.
Now, we can realize that goal thanks to blockchain and especially NFT technology. By encoding our in-game characters and items into NFTs and creating a market for them, we can give those items fundamental values that our users can benefit from.
🔹 CEO; +10 years of experience in the technology industry and +5 years of business development management experience. Years of experience in international virtual assistant software systems, blockchain payment systems and software, AR (Agumented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) applications, mobile games and mobile applications, and Metaverse.
🔹CTO; Computer Software Education Degree. +10 years of experience in the team of Dijitaladam and HODI Games. Years of experience insocket servers, blockchain and system architectures. A live chat application developed by him, had a monthly turnover of $200K in 2020. A software related to blockchain payment systems developed by him, is currently used by some taxi companies in Germany.
🔹COO; Master's Degree in Materials Engineering. Complated his internship in USA. +3 years of experience in Data Analysis Specialist at Turkish Technic and +2 years of experience in a Game Guild that provides Game-Fi services, as a COO with follow-up & reporting projects and integrating them to the community successfully with his perspective and interest in game culture.

The Brief Story of Our Journey

We started their journey with founding Dijitaladam then they decided to globalize by founding Hodi Games. Our team has years of experience creating high-class games with stunning visuals and addictive gameplay. Our team has achieved many successes in both Digitaladam and HODI Games so far:
  • TEB and BNP Paribas - Hackathon Award (2016)
  • Trampa Barter Application
  • Manetho - Education Platform
  • Live Chat Application
  • Crypto Payment System - For Taxies in Germany