Amarna opens its doors to everyone, accessible through both the App Store and Play Store. For those who prefer not to invest in NFT heroes, worry not – players can still immerse themselves in the Amarna experience with a default, non-NFT hero provided at no cost.

Free to Play

Our system ensures that each player is equipped with a complimentary non-NFT hero. With no cost involved, players can actively engage in exciting and unique PvP and PvE battles, enjoying the game without any financial commitment.

Play and Earn

For those seeking even greater rewards, players have the option to acquire exclusive NFTs. By purchasing these locked NFTs, players unlock opportunities to earn valuable rewards within the Amarna ecosystem.

PvP: Compete with Other Online Players

Experience the thrill of competition by engaging in Player versus Player (PvP) battles. Challenge and prove your skills against other online players, forging your path to victory in the dynamic Amarna arena.

PvE: Explore 3 Unique Mods

Dive into the rich world of Amarna with three unique Player versus Environment (PvE) game modes. Unravel diverse challenges and adventures as you explore the immersive gameplay offered by Amarna.

Staking: Earn $AMAR by Staking

Take advantage of our staking feature to accumulate $AMAR tokens. By staking, participants contribute to the growth and stability of the Amarna ecosystem, while also earning rewards in the form of $AMAR tokens.

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