Game Lore

Akhe proclaimed the sole divinity of the Sun, named Aton, declaring himself as Aton's son. Gathering the people, he established a new settlement named AMARNA, near the Nile River, and designated it as the capital. Special roofless temples dedicated to Aton were constructed in Amarna, allowing the sun's light to purify the inhabitants, cleansing their souls.

In Amarna, grand feasts were organized for Aton, with untouched food left to rot, symbolizing Aton's absorption of the offerings' essence. Akhe, married to the beautiful Nefertiti, prayed for a son, offering increasing gifts to Aton. Years later, Akhe had a son named Tutan with another woman, leading him to intensify his offerings. As starvation plagued the people, even Nefertiti grew doubtful of Akhe, struggling to feed Tutan.

Amidst the growing dissent, the exhausted people, who had suffered during Amarna's construction, faced starvation. Despite pleas for help, Akhe remained indifferent. As dissent rose, even Nefertiti, once Akhe's steadfast supporter, began to doubt him. She withdrew from society, spending time with Tutan and recording her thoughts in her diary.

The god of death, Anubis, angered by the increased deaths in Amarna, used his powers to resurrect demigods destroyed by Akhe's actions. This army sought revenge, causing chaos in the city. As war erupted, 15-year-old Tutan found Nefertiti's diary, revealing Akhe's neglect. Tutan, wielding a unique dagger, shattered the shield protecting Akhe's palace and sided with Anubis.

Tutan led Anubis's army towards the palace, confronting Akhe. In a tragic turn, Nefertiti shielded Akhe, sacrificing herself against the attacking army. Tutan, heartbroken, created a rift to protect her, sacrificing himself in the process.

Akhe, shocked by the loss of his family, fought the demigod army alone. As he unleashed a final magical attack, time and space-independent portals opened, scattering Amarna tokens across the universe. Through one portal, Akhe locked eyes with a blond-haired boy holding an Amarna token.

Though the demigod army was vanquished, Anubis could easily resurrect a new force. Akhe, in need of assistance, realized the war had just begun.

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