Players have the opportunity to amass a diverse collection of NFTs within the Amarna game, thanks to a multifaceted approach to rewards. Let's delve deeper into each earning avenue:

PvE Games

The PvE experience in Amarna unfolds as players face off against mobs and formidable bosses on a level-based progression system.

The rewards for conquering these challenges extend beyond the typical Daily reward NFTs. Instead, players earn equipable NFT items, each more potent and prestigious as they ascend through the levels.

These items are not mere collectibles; they can be strategically equipped, upgraded, and leveraged in PvP arenas to augment a player's character, providing both aesthetic and strategic advantages.


Amarna sets the stage for players to showcase their prowess through a myriad of achievements. These accomplishments serve as milestones, reflecting a player's progress and skill mastery.

The rewards for achieving these milestones are rich and varied, encompassing both equipable and consumable NFT items.

Additionally, players can unlock unique character and map NFTs, further enhancing the depth and personalization of their in-game experience.

Daily Quests

Daily Quests offer a dynamic and engaging way for players to earn rewards on a daily basis. Consisting of three distinct missions, these quests provide not only tangible achievements but also valuable in-game assets.

  • Win 5 matches in "Team Deathmatch" game mode (consumable character upgrade NFT)

  • Playing 10 matches in "Free Kill" game mode (consumable stat upgrade NFT)

  • Kill an opponent 100 times (50 tokens) (consumable weapon upgrade NFT)

Daily Achievements

The scope for earning consumable NFTs extends even further with Daily Achievements. With no imposed limits, players can continuously strive for and achieve these daily goals as long as they have the requisite energy. This system ensures that players are consistently motivated to participate and excel in the game, fostering an environment of sustained engagement.

In this rich ecosystem of rewards, Amarna not only acknowledges players' achievements but also provides tangible and meaningful assets that contribute to their in-game progression.

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