Explore the diverse array of heroes within the Amarna universe, each bringing a unique set of skills and backgrounds to the battlefield.

Choosing a hero that aligns with your playing style is crucial for securing victory in the battles that await.


Akhe - Son of the Sun

Akhe, a powerful king, dedicated himself to serving Aton after ascending to the throne. Armed with a staff that grants him formidable power, Akhe embodies strength and unwavering devotion.

Anpu - The God of Death

Anubis, also known as Anpu, is the god of death and a formidable mage. Fueled by a mission to restore balance to the world of the dead, Anpu wages war against Akhe with powerful ancient magic.

Simon - The Adventurous Archaeologist

Simon, the Indiana Jones of Amarna, combines adventure and archaeology. Infused with a passion for history and weaponry, Simon is an invincible force ready to unravel the mysteries of Amarna.

Emma - The Intelligent Companion

Emma, Simon's trusted friend and assistant, is an intelligent and tech-savvy woman. Her unwavering loyalty to Simon, combined with her technological expertise, makes her a formidable presence on the battlefield.

Pedro - Mexico's Fastest Gunslinger

Pedro, fueled by a quest for justice, became Mexico's fastest gunslinger after tragedy struck his family. Now, he enforces the law with unmatched speed and precision.

Margaret - The Knowledge Seeker

Margaret, raised in wealth and solitude, believes in the power of knowledge. A force to be reckoned with, she brings a scholarly approach to the battlefield, asserting that the greatest power lies in understanding.

Mummy - Anpu's Resurrected Guardian

The Mummy, a special beast resurrected by Anpu, defends Amarna with unwavering loyalty. Slow yet powerful, the Mummy draws enemies toward itself with extended wraps.

Geen - The Healing Warrior

Geen, a member of the Green Fire tribe, defied norms to become a healer with warrior strength. His encounter with Gorgo during a great war ignited his warrior spirit, leading to a unique blend of healing and combat prowess.

Gorgo - The Healer with Warrior Spirit

Gorgo, a member of the Pure Aura tribe, turned healer after being saved and healed by Geen from the opposing Green Fire tribe. She harnesses her healer power while retaining the spirit of a warrior.

Boo - Kind Spirit from the World of the Dead

Boo, a kind spirit residing in the world of the dead, is determined to halt the increase in deaths. Escaping to Earth during Anpu's resurrection, Boo seeks to help humanity by bringing an end to the reign of Akhe.

Eawen - The Nature's Archer

Eawen, known for her kindness and humor, is the best archer in her tribe. Claiming to take cues from birds, she showcases unparalleled archery skills, maintaining a unique connection with nature.

Fuma - The Shuriken Master

Fuma, blinded at a young age, rejected his adoptive father's teachings and forged his path as a Shuriken master. His heightened senses enable him to hit targets imperceptible to even the keenest eyes.

Ren - The Peaceful Karate Master

Ren, disgusted by the violence of wars, became a karate master. Saved by Eawen in the Amare Forest, Ren strengthened his skills with the power of nature, embodying peace and strength.

Sensei Zhang - The Former General

Sensei Zhang, once a victorious general, became an Aikido master after being unable to bear the weight of the wars he led. The ageless Sensei seeks to impart wisdom and harmony, living far from the settlement.

Ironbot - Sentinel AI

In a future where technology thrives, Ironbot, a robot crafted from a unique metal, gained self-awareness after being struck by lightning. Abandoned in a junkyard, Ironbot becomes an unstoppable force due to his damaged software.

Teddy - The Royal Warrior

Teddy, a powerful warrior from royal lineage on the planet Gonggong, challenges his ruthless cousin Barret for the throne and emerges victorious. His unmatched power and determination make him an indomitable force.

Reflux - The Mad Scientist

Reflux, originally named Lux, accidentally created a poisonous compound during her experiments. The poison consumed her body and soul, transforming her into the mysterious and toxic scientist known as Mad Scientist Reflux.

Captain Gary - The Coin-Lover

Captain Gary, a cunning adventurer with a love for coins, explores different places in pursuit of treasures. His quick-wittedness and ability to predict opponents' moves make him a formidable gunlisar.

Hussein - The Janissary Swordsman

Hussein, a Janissary who fought for the Ottoman Empire, was renowned for his swordsmanship. Despite his affectionate nature, his formidable sword struck fear into the hearts of all who faced him.

Mime - The Stealthy Artist

Mime, in love with art and master of stealth, surprises with both speed and silence. Despite his silent presence, Mime's agility astounds those fortunate enough to witness – or sense – his movements.

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