Token Use Cases

Token utilization within Amarna extends beyond the game's core activities, introducing the concept of "Daily Token Use Cases" to enhance player engagement and strategic decision-making. The Daily Token Use Cases feature encompasses various token expenditures that contribute to the dynamic nature of the gameplay.


Players have the option to replenish their in-game energies by spending tokens within specified limits. This essential feature allows players to maintain their momentum and actively participate in the gaming experience. The specifications for daily energy refills include:

  • Energy refill for 5 energies can be repeated five times a day.

  • Energy refill for 20 energies can be repeated four times a day.

  • Energy refill for 50 energies can be repeated twice a day.

  • Energy refill for 100 energies is limited to once a day.


NFTs face attrition when defeated in matches. In the "Team Deathmatch" game mode, NFTs experience a 0.5 attrition per death, while in the free kill game mode, the attrition is 0.2 per death. When the accumulated attrition reaches certain thresholds, the NFT's quality drops. Players can repair NFTs by expending tokens, with the repair cost depending on the extent of damage suffered. Importantly:

  • NFT Repair can be activated unlimited times, allowing players to maintain and optimize their valuable in-game assets.


In addition to energy refills and NFT repairs, Amarna offers various token use cases to enrich the gaming experience:

  • Stats Rolling: Players can modify the skills of their NFT heroes using the Stats Rolling system, allowing customization to match their playstyle.

  • Class Change: Heroes in the game can adopt three different classes, and players can change a hero's class once a day, up to five times in total. Class changes are determined randomly.

  • Rarity Up: All heroes in Amarna possess rarity levels ranging from Common to Legendary. Players aiming to upgrade the rarity of their heroes for increased earnings and stat enhancements can do so by spending tokens.


Beyond the strategic gameplay aspects, players can use tokens for personalizing their in-game experience through various customization options:

  • Avatar Customization: Spend tokens to personalize your in-game profile avatar with a variety of options.

  • Emote Customization: Use tokens to unlock a diverse range of expressive emotes, allowing heroes to communicate emotions and reactions during matches.

  • Character Skins: Elevate your hero's appearance with character skins, requiring a token investment for acquisition.

  • Weapon Skins: Enhance the visual appeal of your hero's arsenal with a variety of weapon skins. These cosmetic upgrades allow players to showcase their individuality and style in battles.

  • Victory Poses: Celebrate victories in style with unique poses for your heroes, obtained by spending tokens.

  • Voice Packs: Shape the auditory personality of your hero by selecting from a range of customizable voice lines.

  • Nameplate Customization: Customize your hero's nameplate with various designs and styles.

These various token use cases not only add strategic depth to the gameplay but also provide players with avenues to optimize and customize their gaming experience in Amarna.

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