Earn & Burn Mechanisms

After their launch, Play to Earn NFT games are encountering economic challenges as a result of high player input and token generation. In such games, token values fall as a result of the excessive token production, and the game eventually disappears.As the creators of Amarna, we have concentrated on developing the great burning mechanism of tokens, to keep the in-game economy at an optimum level. We anticipate that compared to its counterparts our game will survive for many years with the developed burn mechanism.


Players have 100 energies that they can spend daily.
There are two different game modes: the "Team Deathmatch" game mode, where 2 teams of 3 players fight against each other, and the "Free Kill" game mode, where the goal is to defeat the opponents individually.
Entering a match for both game modes consumes 5 energy.


Players can earn tokens in different ways within the game.
Let's explain them one by one; Token earning ways can be grouped under two main headings. These are "Daily Quests" and "Daily Achievement".
Daily Quests
Daily Quests consist of 3 different missions, and upon completion of all of these missions, players receive additional 100 tokens and +11 energies;
  • Win 5 matches in "Team Deathmatch" game mode (25 tokens) (+2 energies)
  • Playing 10 matches in "Free Kill" game mode (25 tokens) (+2 energies)
  • Kill an opponent 100 times (50 tokens) (+5 energies)
When players complete daily missions, the total reward they will receive is 200 tokens and +20 energies.

Daily Achievements

Players can earn daily tokens under Daily Achievements. There is no limit to Daily Achievements, as long as players have energy.
Daily Achievements;
  • Being a MVP (Most valuable player) in "Team Deathmatch" game mode (10 tokens)
  • Per game won in "Team Deathmatch" game mode (2 tokens)
  • Per kill in Free Kill game mode (1 token)
  • Being a MVP in Free Kill game mode (10 tokens) (+1 Energy)
The token earned in-game is micro AMAR (mAMAR), equivalent to 0.1 AMAR token.
The average token that can be earned daily in the Amarna game is between 400-600 token.
The average energy that can be earned daily in the Amarna game is between 20-30 energies.


Players can refill their in-game energies by spending tokens in certain times and limits.
Also, when NFTs killed by opponent during matches, it takes a certain amount of attrition/damage;
NFT's experience 0.5 attrition each time they die in the "Team Deathmatch" game mode, and 0.2 attrition in the free kill game mode.
For example, if a NFT dies on "Team Deathmatch" game mode 5 times, 2.5 quality will drop. If he dies on Free Kill game mode 10 times, 2 quality will drop. If the NFT quality drops to 0, it cannot be used in matches unless the NFT is repaired. Players can repair NFTs by using a certain amounts of tokens that depending on the amount of damage.
We have named this type of token spending "Daily Burn".

Daily Burn

Daily Burn;
Energy refill for 5 energies can be repeated 5 times a day. (each time costs 10 tokens)
Energy refill for 20 energies can be repeated 4 times a day. (each time costs 35 tokens)
Energy refill for 50 energies can be repeated 2 times a day. (each time costs 90 tokens)
Energy refill for 100 energies can only be used once a day. (costs 175 tokens)
NFT Repair can be activated unlimitedly and costs 5 tokens per 1%. Meaning if NFT has 97% quality which gets 3% damage, it takes (3x5) 15 tokens to repair the NFT.
Other Burn Mechanisms
Stats Rolling
The skills of NFT heroes can be changed with the Stats Rolling system. Players will be able to take advantage of the Stat Rolling system to create Heroes that suit their playstyle. (each time costs 500 tokens)
Class Change
Heroes can have 3 different classes. Each hero will be able to change their class once a day, up to 5 times in total. Class change will be determined randomly. (each time costs 200 tokens)
Rarity Up
All heroes have rarity levels ranging from Common-Legendary. At this point, there will be changes in per-match gains and stats based on rarity level. Players who plan to upgrade rarity to increase earnings with these changes, will be able to spend tokens. (each time costs 10000 tokens)


According to the token earning simulation report, the potential performances of the players were divided into 3 groups as poor (35% win rate), medium (50% win rate) and good (65% win rate).
Accordingly, players with bad performance earn an average of 131 tokens, while a medium player earns 217 tokens, and a good player earns 285 tokens. (It is the NET value that would be earned. Refill and repair token burns had been removed from earnings.)
Not every player burns tokens to the same degree. This depends on the player's performance and the amount of defeats NFT takes. At this point, even the worst performing player can earn tokens from the Amarna game.