Welcome to the comprehensive whitepaper of Amarna, a blockchain-based Play and Earn. This document delves into various aspects of Amarna, covering gameplay, the game's ecosystem, token economy, and the role of NFTs. Additionally, it provides insights into the development, creative, and consulting teams, along with their ongoing progress. The whitepaper serves as a crucial resource for players, keeping them informed about Amarna's development and fostering a deeper understanding of the game's economic dynamics.
Disclaimer: All information presented in this whitepaper is continuously updated and adjusted to ensure an optimal gaming experience. All rights are reserved. Please note that this document is not to be considered as investment advice.
About Amarna: Amarna draws inspiration from the ancient settlement of the Pharaohs, situated on the banks of the Nile River. Amarna introduces $AMAR as its native token, serving as the backbone of its internal economy.

Benefits to Become an Amarnian

In the realm of NFT games, many experiences witness an initial surge in player interest and tokenomics, only to fade away quickly. This trend often results from uninteresting gameplay, a lack of compelling narratives, or token devaluation due to overproduction.
As the creators of Amarna, we have meticulously crafted an in-game system to ensure the longevity and sustained value of our game for both players and investors. Here are the key advantages of becoming an Amarnian:
These are the benefits of become an Amarnarnian;
  • Free to Play
  • Play and Earn
  • Anti-cheat System For Fair Competition
  • Token Prize Optimization Mechanism
  • Perfect Tokenomics
  • Limited Token Release
  • Great ROI
  • Balanced Rewarding System
  • Unique Story
  • Beta Game Released
  • PvP Battles
  • PvE Battles
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