During the period when Akhe's father was king, the people believed that there were more than 2000 gods. These included major gods such as Amon-Ra, Anubis, and Horus, as well as certain animal and plant species known as demigods. In addition to these, the Sphinx statues they built at the entrance of the great temples were also known as demigods and were called "The great guardians of the temples".
The king ordered the people to give the majority of the foods they gathered as gifts in the name of the gods.
With the death of the king, Akhe took the throne. The people who mourning after their king began to pray to the gods and to offer their own food as offerings more than ever before. Then, the people's food stocks began to run out and hunger began to appear. Seeing this, Akhe thought that this order should change and made a great revolution on the religion.
Akhe announced that there was only one god, that he was the Sun, called Aton, and that he was the son of Aton. Akhe gathered all the people and established a new settlement in the city of AMARNA, near the Nile River from the capital Thebes, and declared it the new capital of his kingdom. In the city of Amarna, special temples were built only for the god Aton. These temples were roofless so that the lights of the sun could purify the people. Thus, Aton was able to send his light into each person's body and cleanse their souls.
Akhe organizes huge feasts for Aton, but does not allow anyone to touch this food, leaving it to rot for Aton. According to Akhe, the rotting of the food meant that the Aton had absorbed the essence of these offerings.
Akhe was married to Nefertiti who is the most beautiful girl on Amarna. They had six daughters that have the same beauty as their mother. However, they had no boy. Akhe was praying to Aton for a son and increasing the gifts presented to Aton day by day. Years later, Akhe had a son from another young woman and named him Tutan. Akhe was so delighted that he increased his offerings to Aton more than ever before. The people were starving and begging at Akhe's feet, but Akhe's does not care anything.
After a while, the people who had been exhausted during the construction of Amarna and they could not even find any food. Almost all foods were offered to Aton and the people were starving. Everyone was complaining about this situation. Even Akhe's wife and ever-supporter Nefertiti began to doubt Akhe. Because even she was having trouble finding food to feed the little Tutan, whom she loved and raised like her own son. As Akhe's enemies grew, Nefertiti could no longer trust anyone. She doesn't talk to anyone, spends all her time with little Tutan, and writes in her diary in her spare time.
Anubis, the god of death - the protector of the world of the dead - was furious at this. Because with the increase in deaths in Amarna, the balance in the world of the dead was about to upset. Using almost all of his powers, Anubis resurrected all the demigods that sphinxes, animals and plants destroyed by Akhe.
This army of demigods began to burn down everything in the city. Despite Ahke's orders to fight, the people fled in fear to the former capital Thebes. When the war broke out, Tutan was only 15 years old, and Akhe had no one besides Nefertiti and Tutan. Akhe was trying to keep the demigod army away from his palace with the magic of his staff, and he performed rituals to strengthen this shield everday.
Realizing that the shield that protecting the palace could not be broken, powered by the Akhe's staff, Anubis planned to show the king's true face to his son Tutan and to lure Tutan to his side. By reviving the dead ivy inside the palace, he enabled the Tutan to find Nefertiti's diary. Reading the diary, Tutan realized that his father Akhe had left his people to starvation and saw the real reason for the war. Thereupon, Tutan struck with his dagger which made of unique metal -some believe it was a metal sent by the gods from the sky- to Akhe's staff and lifted the shield on the palace. After the shield was lifted, Tutan, who escaped from the palace, opposed Akhe and took over as a general at the head of the army of Anobis.
Reaching the palace under the command of Tutan, the demigod army found Akhe. Caught between Tutan and Akhe, Nefertiti took one last look at her son in tears and shielded herself in front of the attacking army to protect Akhe. Seeing this, Tutan stabbed his dagger into the ground, creating a rift between the army and Nefertiti. While one of the Sphinxes in the army was about to jump over the rift and attack Nefertiti, Tutan stepped in front of Nefertiti, whom he raised and loved like his own mother, and stabbed his dagger into the ground, and they both perished.
Akhe was shocked by the disappearance of his son and wife. He was still staring at where his wife and son had stood a second ago as the demigod army rushed at him. Nothing could be seen but Akhe's hand that was outside, carrying his staff. While he was destroying the mobs around him by using all the power of his wand with one last move, time and space-independent portals were opened and Amarna tokens, which gave the power of his staff, were scattered all over the universe. In one of the portals, Akhe met eyes with a blond-haired boy holding an amarna token.
The demigod army was destroyed, but for Anubis who is the god of death, resurrecting a new army was not difficult. Akhe needed help, the war was just began.